Snow Poem

Someone sent Kate this poem for Valentine’s Day.  We don’t know who. I really like it.


Listen, Valentine

In the check out line
When a stranger warns of a blizzard
Do not say,
“Yippee, more snow!”
Leave the store before you imagine
Violet shadows on a clean white field
The way the edges soften
The way you glide a foot above the ground.
On your sleeve snowflakes are delicate as breath.
In numbers
They stop trucks.
They erode our determination
As the edges of the world draw in,
The biggest house becomes an igloo.
Every human thing is swallowed up.
Roads vanish,
Deadlines come and go,
Signs of progress are softly erased.
Rain and wind have other things to teach
We love snow because it reminds us
That everything can change
That nothing lasts.
That we can’t fight
But we can wait
The world under the snow,
The shrubs and fire hydrants,
Will rise again
This transient beauty stops us in our tracks
And fills them again and again.
— anonymous